How I Drive | Profile of Subaru’s Andrew Ganz

How I Drive | Profile of Subaru’s Andrew Ganz

It isn’t uncommon for a professional in the automotive industry to have worn many different hats throughout their career. This is also true for this week’s “How I Drive” guest Andrew Ganz. Although working full-time as Press Fleet & Motorsports PR Manager for Subaru of America, he has also been a freelance automotive journalist, photographer, marketer and advertising copywriter.

Andrew Ganz with Stella, his classic BMW.

Andrew Ganz with Stella, his classic BMW.

You’ve gotten a glimpse of his career journey, now let’s check out his driving profile!

How I Drive | Andrew Ganz

Location: Denver

Daily Driver: 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek

Time Spent Driving/day: Varies!

Road Most Traveled: Interstate 25 and Broadway (Denver)

Driving Style in One Word: Relaxed

In-Car Must-Haves: A good audio system, heated seats and streaming Bluetooth

Driving Tunes: Pandora! Mostly indie rock.

Time-saving technique: Google Maps. And an understanding that most shortcuts aren’t time-savers.

Hanging from rear view: Nothing! No distractions!

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