How I Drive | Profile of transportation guru Cathy Gillen

How I Drive | Profile of transportation guru Cathy Gillen

Have you met Cathy Gillen? This boutique PR agency founder is a highway and transportation advocate and activist. Her agency, The Gillen Group, now in its tenth year has worked with transportation safety clients such as AAA, the National Safety Council and AARP. With an entire career in safety, are you wondering what Cathy’s driving style is like? Find out below!

How I Drive | Cathy Gillen

Cathy Gillen

Location: Hanover, MD – Anne Arundel County

Daily Driver: Black 2010 BMW 328i XDrive Sedan

Time Spent Driving/day: Depends on the day

Road Most Traveled: Baltimore-Washington Parkway

Driving Style in One Word: Safe, of course!

In-Car Must-Haves: Sirius/XM Satellite Radio

Driving Tunes: Backspin Station on Sirius/XM ALWAYS!!!!!

Time-saving technique: Non existent in my view – sitting in traffic all the time is a major time sucker.

Hanging from rear view: Nothing

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