AAA video | Proof teens shouldn’t multitask behind the wheel

AAA video | Proof teens shouldn’t multitask behind the wheel

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety this week released a new study whose results are shockingly telling. On the AAA website, the group shares:

Researchers analyzed the six seconds leading up to a crash in nearly 1,700 videos of teen drivers taken from in-vehicle event recorders. The results showed that distraction was a factor in 58 percent of all crashes studied, including 89 percent of road-departure crashes and 76 percent of rear-end crashes. NHTSA previously has estimated that distraction is a factor in only 14 percent of all teen driver crashes.

Watch this AAA video that shows moderate car crashes due to teen driver distraction:

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and we at Be Car Chic will be continuing the conversation about this serious issue throughout the month. So stay tuned for updates.

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