Fifth annual Super Bowl auto ad watch with Chris Baccus

We may have skipped a year, but Chris Baccus and I have vowed to round out our Super Bowl ‘He Said, She Said’ automotive analysis with year five. Chris was probably THE first person I collaborated when I started this blog. He and I met virtually through Twitter long before we met in person (like four years long). Chris has always been supportive of me and Be Car Chic, and for that I am so thankful.

It’s fun to reminisce to the days when Twitter was more of a chat room than a hectic hallway filled with too many people all talking at once. We used to mingle there on the #carchat hashtag before the onslaught of automotive enthusiasts figured out social media.

Forgive me if I’m a bit nostalgic about 2010 when we did our first Super Bowl review. It was a different time for sure, and how the online environment has rapidly changed since then. Our review used to be the only automotive-focused ad review. And now, it’s so competitive – almost everyone shares the videos and talks them up before they go live. Part of that is due to the ease of (and some would say the demand for) uploading videos to YouTube early so that ad agencies can extend their life. A longtail strategy that begins before the shorttail – genius.

Let it be noted that we were doing it before “it was cool” for every outlet to run the videos and write a brief synopsis on what the automakers were doing during the world’s biggest football game. Check out all of our prior coverage here.

Be Car Chic and The Auto Marketing Blog’s Super Bowl Coverage since 2010

So, here’s to our fifth Super Bowl automotive ad analysis. I know that our readers will enjoy our perspectives. Chris has many years of hands-on marketing and advertising experience. I’ve done my fair share of public relations, so it’s certain that we will have opinions. Sometimes those are shared, often times they are not.

Thanks for tuning in. We’ll look forward to sharing this special–and final–year with you.

About my SB partner in crime…
As an executive director of Digital at communications agency Golin in Los Angeles, Chris Baccus drives digital and social media strategy for a variety of clients including Toyota, Nintendo, PetSmart and many others. He also spent several years in digital marketing for Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. His blog The Auto Marketing Blog has covered automotive campaigns since 2008. His latest endeavor is The Digital Strategy Quarterly focusing on long-form analysis of digital topics each quarter. Chris holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in English from Hillsdale College.

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