How I drive | Profile of Whitney Gonzalez

How I drive | Profile of Whitney Gonzalez

People spend a lot of time in their cars. According to a survey, the average American will spend 4.3 years of their life driving a car. We’ve all got different driving styles and habits, and you’ll soon learn a lot about them.

To celebrate Be Car Chic’s fifth anniversary and the beginning of 2015, we’re excited to announce this fun, new series, which will provide an inside look into the driving styles of many of your favorite automotive industry professionals. To kick off the new “How I drive” series, we are sharing the profile of BCC team member Whitney Gonzalez. Enjoy!

10694372_10152758928481745_4182764683477967524_oLocation: Orlando, FL

Daily Driver: Steel Blue 2005 BMW 3 Series aka Misty

Time Spent Driving/day: 1.5 hours

Road most traveled: Currently, it’s a tie between I-4 and Florida’s Turnpike

Driving Style in One Word: Efficient

Driving Tunes: You’ll often catch me listening to Audible books on my way to work. When I’m not “reading,” my speakers are blasting anything from Top 40 to hip hop.

Time-Saving Technique: Definitely using Waze. Sometimes there’s more traffic on my usual route but Waze will save me some time by rerouting me.

In-Car Must-Haves:

  • Vogue sunglasses – My mom bought me these and they’re my favorite. Florida is super sunny, so I’ve gotta protect my eyes 😉
  • Phone charger – I used to have an iPhone 5 with and awful battery and charged it any time I was in the car. Just recently, I upgraded to the iPhone 6 and the battery is way better. My charger is still a must-have though, since I use my phone so much and I can’t have it die on me.
  • FullSizeRender-3

  • Auxiliary cord – My car is a 2005 so it’s got a CD PLAYER. Thankfully, my favorite BMW technician (aka my fiancé) installed an auxiliary cord for me. Couldn’t imagine burning CDs in this day in age. New technology has spoiled us all.
  • Aveeno lotion – Because sometimes my hands are dry :/
  • Chapstick – Every girl needs her chapstick! I’ve got a nice Michelin chapstick with Mr. Bib on it.
  • FullSizeRender-1

  • Hand sanitizer – Definitely a must-have! Especially after touching the gas pump handle – one of the dirtiest things we touch!
  • Phone mount – I became a way safer driver once I bought this on Amazon last year. It allows me to keep my eyes on the road, while still allowing me to see important alerts on my phone.

Hanging from rearview mirror: My college “Class of 2011” tassel and my parking hang tag.

Stay tuned for more “How I drive” profiles. Whose profile do you want to see next?

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