Day One at the Detroit Auto Show for #FordNAIAS

Day One at the Detroit Auto Show for #FordNAIAS

As expected, today was a rush! My day with Ford started by admiring the thick snow (that I didn’t have to shovel or drive in) on the way to Joe Louis Arena. Once we arrived – by “we” I mean Ford’s “digital influencers” – we proceeded to our reserved, front-and-center press conference seating. I don’t think I was ready for all the announcements Ford had for us.

First up was the all-new Ford Raptor.

Up next, the sound of the flat plane crank of the Shelby GT 350R romanced us all.

Then came my favorite announcement of the day: the Ford GT is back and better than ever.

Roaming NAIAS

During some downtime I got to check out the BMW press conference where they unveiled the all-new 6 series. Exciting stuff!

I’ve reviewed the i3 here on Be Car Chic so naturally I had to hop into the i8 for a quick photo.

Best coffee by far was at the Infinity display courtesy of Anthology Coffee.

At the Volkswagen display I checked out Motor Trend’s Car of the Year – the Golf…

and I also talked with a robot.

Talking Snapchat

Back at Ford’s “Behind the Blue Oval,” we had the opportunity to hear from Snapchat’s COO Emily White. Together with Ford Futurist Sheryl Connelly, they provided a look into Gen-Z trends and how they’re changing the world. As a Gen-Yer who loves her Snapchat, data trends and “social media” (Emily said the term is starting to sound dated, opts to call it “just” media), I thoroughly enjoyed the session.

Closing Out

Just when we thought Ford was through with NAIAS announcements, they shared special news regarding a partnership with XBOX. The Ford GT is coming exclusively to XBOX as the cover car for Forza Motorsports 6!

That’s all for today and I’m excited to head back to the show tomorrow morning! So far, some words to summarize the show include selfie-sticks, performance and drama.

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