New Volkswagen commercials!

New Volkswagen commercials!

BY Liza Smith, Automotive Ads Contributor | @Homadge

Volkswagen has been airing some AWESOME commercials this past month. Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the big game spot (though I thoroughly enjoyed the teaser ad), so post-Super Bowl, I am so thrilled to see a whole slew of new ads that make me smile and even laugh out loud.

Jetta – “Baby”

This ad is my favorite out of the bunch. How can you go wrong with babies?! The whole concept of the baby’s short little life flashing before its eyes is what gets me. Really genius.

Beetle Convertible – “Mask”

Clever! The build-up of the possible robber (who forgot to take his mask off). The exchange: “I don’t want any trouble” – “I don’t want any trouble, either.” All the guys in the masks at the end. I love this 60 second spot.

“Abominable Snowman” (also for the Beetle Convertible)

The music is silly, but awesome. Just a silly spot in general. The line: “Winter is the new Summer.”

Jetta TDI – “Laugh”

Yep, her laugh is super annoying. But the ad is still a good one in my book. (And I love the guy’s facial expressions.)

Well done VW!

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