Automakers prep for Super Bowl Sunday and so do we!

Automakers prep for Super Bowl Sunday and so do we!

We are less than a week out from Super Bowl Sunday and, if you pay any attention to the Internet at all, you’re probably already tired of the incessant ad spoiler alerts – from the very people who created them!

This tweet pretty much says it all, really.

Yes, we are in the height of marketing mayhem  You thought that the holidays were bad, but holiday advertising cash is a drop in the bucket compared to the Super Bowl.

The bright spot in all of this? You get to experience the 4th Annual ‘He Said, She Said’ Automotive Super Bowl Ad Analysis with the one and only Chris Baccus.

Huddle Up

PREGAME:  Ok, so this year, we have a special treat for you. Our friend Liza Smith, who runs the blog (and so much more!) is breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly about the automotive teaser videos and leaked ads. Stay tuned because she’s got updates for you every day this week. Check out what she’s already said here.

GAME TIME:  Chris and I will be telling it like it is once again in our full auto ad analysis. Keep up with us live via Twitter on Sunday night (details below), then follow up with some entertaining reading early next week.

PLAYBOOK:  Check out all of our current and previous Super Bowl Sunday auto commercial coverage here. 

BENCH WARMER:  Follow us for live tweets on Sunday at @CBaccus, @BeCarChic and @Homadge. Hash tags for the event will mainly be #SuperBowl and #SB47 – and get ready to get lost reading the hash tag streams. The Super Bowl pretty much invented ‘second screening.’

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