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Tips for Buying at Auction with NJ State Auto Auction

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me about whether or not she should purchase a car from an auction. She had been talking to a small used car dealer who suggested it. I recommended against it for her particular situation, but there are many scenarios that are perfect for purchasing your next [...]

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When Buying Used, Consider the CPO Route

Good news! My friends found and purchased the car they really wanted – a used Nissan Murano. Despite the headaches they incurred early on because of an extremely unprofessional car salesman (they did the right thing by walking away), they are happy to have purchased the car. The Mrs. did admit that she never wanted [...]

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Don’t Buy a Car on a Rainy Day

Last night, my husband and I were at our friends’ house for dinner when they mentioned they would be venturing out today in search of a new car for the wife. My ears perked up upon hearing such news, mostly because I had a slew of information to prep them before they made their purchase. [...]

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