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Toyota's 1 millionth Prius: What does it mean?

Toyota’s 1 millionth Prius: What does it mean?

Today, Toyota announced that it has officially sold one million Prii (yes, that’s the plural of Prius) in the United States. The eleven-year-old has gone through three makeovers and remains the top selling hybrid in the world. This is wonderful news for Toyota and its dealers, especially in the wake of the tsunami last month. […]

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Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

People deem the plural of Prius as “Prii”

After a six-week campaign and more than 1.8 million votes, the public has chosen to pluralize the Prius by calling two or more of Toyota’s hybrid vehicles “Prii.” This version of the word earned 25 percent of the vote, shutting out other variations like Prium, Priuses, Prien, and Prius. Toyota made the announcement earlier today […]

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Toyota to announce plural of Prius at Chicago Auto Show

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post asking you to help Toyota solve the plural Prius puzzle.  Voting ends tomorrow, February 17. That means there’s only ONE day left to vote for what Toyota should name its line of Prius vehicles. I’m opting for just calling them all “Prius” because it’s become synonymous with “hybrid” […]

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