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Photo provided by Toyota

Industry Pulse: Toyota one year after the tsunami

Editor’s Note: Shortly after the disaster in Japan, Be Car Chic heard from Subaru dealer, Jeff Morrill, about how the events were starting to impact the auto retail business. The conversation with Morrill launched an ongoing monthly piece called “Industry Pulse.” I’d encourage you to read what Morrill had to say in March of 2011 before continuing […]

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A look back: Subaru still suffering months after Japan tsunami

In March, we reported on the devastating tsunami that struck Japan and its impact on Subaru here in the United States. In Be Car Chic’s first-ever “Industry Pulse” feature column, Jeff Morrill, who owns and operates Planet Subaru in Hanover, Mass., provided insight into the situation at the dealer level that had not yet been reported […]

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Dealerships now feeling pain of Japan crisis

A few weeks ago, I reported on the Japan tsunami and how it was affecting Subaru dealer, Jeff Morrill. At that time, just a few weeks after the tragic disaster, dealers had not  yet begun experiencing shortages of inventory and parts. But nearly six weeks later, the story has somewhat changed. While we remain most concerned for […]

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