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Infographic|Dangers of distracted driving go beyond texting

Continuing the conversation from our post about whether teens find driving drunk more dangerous than texting while driving, a new infographic from Allstate Insurance shows some stats that may prove the opposite. Texters are three times slower to react than even buzzed drivers Research has shown that drivers who text while behind the wheel are […]

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Infographic: Distracted Driving and Teenage Drivers

Editor’s Note:  It is no secret how I feel about distracted driving. My Distraction Free Fridays (DFF) campaign has been ongoing since April 2011, and I believe that speaking up on this issue has helped curb behind-the-wheel behavior among those close to me and (hopefully) beyond my network. I often have friends tell me that […]

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Infographic: Best fuel-sipping cars and trucks of 2012

Infographics have really taken off in popularity over the last few years. The word is short for information graphics, which serve to condense a lot of information into an image or series of images that convey a specific message. We recently caught wind of this insightful infographic from the folks at shopautoweek.com and just had […]

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Infographic: What’s your road sign?

I’m not one to put value on what the ‘stars’ have to say about my future, but Nationwide has taken the horoscope to a whole new level by making an educational infographic for drivers. The car insurance company matches up each astrological sign with a road sign to provide safe driving tips. This infographic may not […]

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Infographic via www.utahpersonalinjurylawfirm.com

Infographic: Cell phones and driving

A friend recently passed along this awesome infographic about distracted driving. It’s so cool – and relevant – that I had to share. Created by Christensen Law Firm, the image serves not only as an informational display of distracted driving data but also as a PSA. Diana Adams, owner of Adams Consulting Group, featured the […]

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