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Electric cars to be"solar chic?"

Electric cars to be”solar chic?”

I recently came across an article from GreenProphet.com about how solar energy could be implemented into EVs (electric vehicles) down the road. I couldn’t help but ponder what the means for the future of cars and their designs. Could this mean that auto manufacturers will begin designing solar energy into their vehicles in the near future? […]

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Honda Fit EV

It’s Official: The Concept Car Has Gone “Green”

Automakers and auto journalists fled to the City of Angels last week for the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, which officially kick-started the 2011 auto show season. L.A.’s opening show has grown over the past few years into the center for “green” hype. Earlier in the week, the Green Car Journal announced its 2011 “Green […]

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It's not Easy Being Green

It’s not Easy Being Green

Kermit knew what he was talking about when he said, “It’s not easy being green.” In my completely unscientific poll that consisted of 12 not-so-randomly selected people, I discovered that green cars still have a lot of work ahead of them in order to persuade consumers to buy them. It was a 50/50 split between […]

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