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FordTrends group

#FordTrends is innovating the automotive future

By NICOLE WAKELIN | Guest Contributor This year’s annual #FordTrends conference moved from Detroit to Ford Motor Company’s new Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California. Along with that move comes a focus on looking not at where cars are today and what Ford has already done, but at where they will be in […]

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Driven | 2015 Ford Expedition EL Platinum

Ford has done it again with its 2015 Expedition. Having had several Expeditions at home growing up, it’s nice to see that Ford has kept the Expedition true to form over the years – boasting the comfort and spaciousness of an SUV coupled with the tow and off-road capabilities of a pick-up truck.

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Image credit: Ford

2015 Ford Edge gets “teched” out

We ventured to sunny Arizona for a welcome reprieve from the harsh East Coast winter to drive Ford’s new-for-2015 mid-size utility vehicle. Ford focuses on tech for its 2015 Edge Ford has been leading the way among everyday car brands in bringing affordable technologies to its full suite of models. For under $40,000 decked out, […]

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Melanie and Javier Ford Edge

2015 #FordEdge drive with Javier Mota of Autos 0-60

We linked up with Javier Mota of Autos 0-60 again, but this time in person and in Arizona for the 2015 Ford Edge media drive. We spend 15 minutes taking you the inside of the vehicle to get a real feel for the new Edge. Sounds like a long time, but put us on in […]

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How I Drive | Profile of Ford Engineer Rebecca Seiler

After joining Ford in 1996, she’s worked through several roles and is currently Product Engineer for Collision Avoidance and Driver Support Technologies a.k.a. helping keep Ford drivers safe.

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Sheryl Connelly - Futurist, Ford Motor Company

How I Drive | Profile of Sheryl Connelly, Ford Futurist

Continuing our look inside the driving styles and habits of folks in the automotive industry with the “How I Drive” series, we are sharing the driving profile of Ford’s own Sheryl Connelly. Also known for her involvement with TEDxTalks, Sheryl has been working with Ford since 1996 and is currently their Global Trends and Futuring […]

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Day Two at the Detroit Auto Show | #FordNAIAS and more

The excitement continued today at the Detroit Auto Show/#FordNAIAS. Although we were stuck in traffic for a while thanks to the pretty snow I was admiring yesterday, we were still able to catch a meet-and-greet with Ford President and CEO Mark Fields (thanks to Ford for adjusting the program schedule). As mentioned in this tweet, […]

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2015 Mustang GT

2015 Mustang coupe|First drive in Ford’s newest pony

BY Bob Gritzinger, Contributor | @bobgritzinger Before introducing the 2015 Mustang, Ford did a great job of reminding us of the iconic pony car’s glorious 50-year history, showing off a collection at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles that included a Mustang from each of the car’s five generations since its introduction in 1964. And then […]

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Ford-watersavings2012 v2

New methods helped Ford save 10.6 billion gallons of water

More than a decade ago, Ford Motor Company announced that it would work to reduce water consumption at its manufacturing facilities worldwide through its Global Water Management Initiative. Fast forward to 2012, and the company has certainly made an impact. Since 2000, Ford has reduced its total amount of water used from 64 million cubic […]

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Warm up with Ford and DC Car Chat

Update (3/16/13): Snowquestration postponed our original event. The new date is Wednesday, April 3. Same place, same time. Hope to see you there!  DC Car Chat is back in 2013 by popular demand! You asked for it and Ford is helping us make it happen. Put March 6 on your calendar for this year’s first event and […]

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National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week reminds us to drive awake, aware

Have you ever driven while sleepy and barely able to keep your eyelids propped open? Have you ever been so tired that no matter how many Red Bull energy drinks or cups of Dunkin’ Donuts you drank you were still exhausted – and then you had to make a long road trip? Well, you’re not […]

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Erich Merkle to speak to DC automotive press group on Ford’s sales

On Tuesday, August 14, Erich Merkle, U.S. Sales Analyst for Ford Motor Company, will speak to a group of automotive journalists and industry representatives about the company’s sales. Be Car Chic also recently heard from Ford’s Jim Farley, VP of Global Marketing, Sales and Service, on a similar topic. According to Ford’s media site, the […]

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Enthusiasts can’t wait to drive Ford’s 2013 Focus ST

Ford is in the midst of launching its first global performance car, the 2013 Focus ST. This sporty compact comes packed with Recaro seats to hug your butt, custom stitching and fabric insets to match the Tangerine Scream exterior, and a short gearbox to keep that smile on your face while weaving through traffic. I […]

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Ford’s Jim Farley: Fuel economy now tops consumers’ list

We recently joined a webinar with Jim Farley, Group Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales and Service, to learn about how Ford listens to their customers. Ford has been doing a lot of listening since the auto industry downturn that hit hard in 2008, and it turns out that listening to consumers has been one of […]

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Next-Gen Ford Escape gets next-gen sustainability

Announced via its company Facebook page this morning, Ford Motor Company revealed that its next-generation Escape will be greener than ever, utilizing 25 recycled 20-ounce plastic bottles in each petite ute’s carpeting. The car maker had already selected to shun petroleum in 2008, choosing to integrate soy in its seats. This is just another step for the […]

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Ford Focus is Part of Zipcar's Fleet of Reliable, Fun Vehicles

Ford, Zipcar to arrive at a college campus near you

As university students embark on a year of “broadening their horizons,” they won’t have to worry about borrowing Mom or Dad’s old junker to get to class or grab groceries. Ford and Zipcar have teamed up to help U.S. college students tote around in style, and for much less than a monthly payment would cost […]

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JabbaWockeeZ Dance-off over 2011 Ford Explorer

Ford unleashed a new video today that pits two groups of JabbaWockeeZ dancers against each other. If you are familiar with the TV show America’s Best Dance Crew, then you’ve heard of this group. They won the title during the show’s first season and are an extremely talented bunch. Much like Ford used hip hop […]

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