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Image credit: Kiamedia.com

2015 Kia Soul EV | Life outside California

The week I spent with the 2015 Kia Soul EV had to be the coldest, most blustery week of this winter season in D.C. Living in a metropolitan area, just because you own a house does not mean you have a garage for your car. I was nervous about how well the Kia would do […]

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Considering electric | Is the Nissan LEAF right for me?

A recent life change has me pondering the adventure of an electric vehicle. What was this massive shift in my world? I went from taking public transportation every day (bus to the metro) to walking a quarter-mile to work. I know, I realize this is an anomaly and completely unfair to those of you with treacherous […]

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Measuring Tread Depth. Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez.

Two Things You Need to Check Before Your Next Drive

So, you’ve heard over and over that you need to check the pressure and tread on your car’s tires regularly. But do you have any idea how to do so correctly? First, let’s talk tire pressure: There are countless benefits to having properly-inflated tires, including safety, increased tire lifespan and better fuel economy. What more […]

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Who will sell the first affordable all-electric convertible?

Last summer I posed the question, ‘Who will sell the first affordable hybrid convertible?’ That post has since been pretty popular, garnering plenty of commentary on which automaker will be the first. Yet, we still do not have a definitive answer. The good news in all of this? The wait will soon be over for […]

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Nissan busts myths about its all-electric LEAF

On Monday, Nissan hosted a luncheon for members of the Washington Automotive Press Association to share what the automaker has learned from the past 11 months of sales of its LEAF electric vehicle and to discuss future plans for the car. Brendan Jones, who has served as Director of LEAF Marketing and Sales Strategy for […]

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Electric cars to be"solar chic?"

Electric cars to be”solar chic?”

I recently came across an article from GreenProphet.com about how solar energy could be implemented into EVs (electric vehicles) down the road. I couldn’t help but ponder what the means for the future of cars and their designs. Could this mean that auto manufacturers will begin designing solar energy into their vehicles in the near future? […]

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$36,050: the cost of going green

Yesterday, Nissan North America announced that it will be increasing the cost of its popular Leaf by $2,420. As reported by AutoWeek.com, the 2012 model year will now be $36,050. A price that some might already consider too expensive, the demand for this all-electric anomaly is pushing its cost higher and higher. With that extra […]

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Not Even a Magic 8 Ball Could Tell Us THAT!

I attended the Washington Auto Show early this week for the Public Policy days where industry heads and D.C. policymakers came head-to-head to talk “cars.” While there, I got a sneak peek at the latest models (the new Mercedes-Benz E Class ranking on top of my list) and learned a lot about what manufacturers are working […]

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