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What to pack in your car's winter emergency kit

What to pack in your car’s winter emergency kit

The holidays may be over, but the winter weather is just getting started for most of the country. By now, you’ve survived family and friends, tempting holiday treats, too many visitors, buying and exchanging your Christmas gifts… And just when you thought you wouldn’t have to survive anything else, it’s time to think about having […]

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Me taking a few final snapshots with 'Spike'

Selling my car|My first CarMax experience

Most people are probably familiar with CarMax as the place to buy a used car, but what they may not realize is that CarMax also provides free used car appraisals. In the quest to unload my ride, I actually had not thought of CarMax as the solution to my problem. A salesman at an area […]

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CarMax man-handles Jose Canseco’s mean tweets

The one-and-only Jose Canseco recently tweeted some car-buying advice for his 400,000 plus followers. Unfortunately, that advice probably wasn’t appreciated by CarMax, who was the subject of the former baseball pro’s disdain. In a series of four mean tweets, Canseco warned his followers that they should avoid CarMax because it is a “scam.” Within minutes […]

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