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2011 Chevrolet Volt exhibited at the 2010 Wash...

News Flash: Brand-new Cars Come with Miles

I was reading the Autoblog Green post this morning entitled “GM Drives your Volt before you do,” and it reminded me of a story one of my dealer friends told me a few years ago. A lady special ordered a new car from the factory. When she arrived at the dealership to pick up her new […]

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Don’t Fear the Salesperson

I checked in with my friends who were buying the Nissan Murano over the weekend. They did heed my advice by not purchasing their car on a rainy day, but I can’t give myself all of the credit. They walked away from the purchase because of a horrible experience at the dealership. As a former […]

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Don’t Buy a Car on a Rainy Day

Last night, my husband and I were at our friends’ house for dinner when they mentioned they would be venturing out today in search of a new car for the wife. My ears perked up upon hearing such news, mostly because I had a slew of information to prep them before they made their purchase. […]

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