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Five ways the mobile phone is changing the car

The 40th anniversary of the mobile phone and the beginning of Distracted Driver Awareness Month coincided at the start of April. It got Andrew Stoy, digital editor of autoweek.com, thinking about how cars and the mobile phone are changing everything. Originally meant to provide convenience, the combination is proving deadly for some drivers. The following is an elaboration of […]

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Monthly Car Review: 2012 Volkswagen Passat TDI SE

BY Andrew Stoy |  autoweek.com What is it? If you hadn’t heard, Volkswagen has big plans for the American market: The company wants to roughly triple the number of vehicles it sells in the United States by 2018. To do that, we’re getting a few models tailored specifically to what VW thinks are this country’s tastes, […]

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Monthly Car Review: 2012 Volvo T6 S60 R-Design

BY Andrew Stoy |  autoweek.com What is it? The safe car. The quirky Swede. Volvo has been synonymous with tweed-jacketed professors and suburban yuppies alike throughout its 85-year history. More recently, though, the Swedish automaker has undergone a style renaissance, breaking out of its boxy, stodgy mold with sleek, fashionable designs such as the C30 (a.k.a. […]

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Monthly Car Review: 2012 Kia Rio SX

BY Andrew Stoy |  autoweek.com What is it? Kia, along with its parent company Hyundai, spent a long time in the wilderness – they were cars people bought because they couldn’t afford anything better. But thanks to a revolutionary ten-year warranty and newfound focus on design, the once-ignored Korean upstarts have become a powerhouse in […]

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Shopautoweek.com brings editors’ expertise straight to car buyers

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not a paid advertisement. Since 1958, Autoweek magazine has been providing news worldwide for an audience enthused about cars and racing. More than fifty years later, the people behind the by-lines we have come to know and admire are putting their expertise into the publication’s latest project – shopautoweek.com, a website strictly […]

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