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How I drive | Profile of Whitney Gonzalez

People spend a lot of time in their cars. According to a survey, the average American will spend 4.3 years of their life driving a car. We’ve all got different driving styles and habits, and you’ll soon learn a lot about them.

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Look 3: Steering the Sorento - Comfort is key when test driving a new SUV in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe. Layers allow the most flexibility to adjust your temperature as the day warms up and cools down.

How to pack for a press trip in Lake Tahoe

It’s very exciting to get an invite to the lovely, scenic Lake Tahoe, California. But after the moment of bliss passed, and I had a chance to read the instructions provided by Kia, who would be hosting me, I thought, “What am I going to wear?!” The Challenge: 72 hours including travel There may be contact […]

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Interview with Be Car Chic Editor Melanie Batenchuk-Green Living Guy

Green Living Guy interview with Melanie Batenchuk

We met Green Living Guy’s head honcho, Seth Leitman, at the Porsche Panamera Plug-in drive last fall. He was kind enough to do a profile interview on editor, Melanie Batenchuk, and her opinion on green cars like the newly electrified Panamera. Here’s a brief excerpt, but we encourage you to check out the full interview on […]

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Jessi, Bogi and Cristy Lee on the "All Girls Garage" Set. Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

Behind the Scenes at Velocity’s ‘All Girls Garage’ Studio

Here at Be Car Chic, we’re all about making our readers – especially women – feel confident in their ability to care for their cars. I love the idea of promoting other women who share our love for the automotive industry. When I attended the Michelin “Women and Tires” event in March, I had the […]

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Jean Jennings of Motor City Masters on truTV

Q&A with Jean Jennings of Motor City Masters on truTV

A few weeks ago, I had the fortune of watching the premiere episode of Motor City Masters in the company one of the show’s judges, Jean Jennings of ‘Jean Knows Cars’ fame. It was a delight to celebrate her accomplishments in the automotive community by gathering around a big-screen TV and cranking up the sound […]

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Marci Fisher, Vehicle Line Director of the 2015 Ford Mustang

We All Think Women Are Amazing

BY Chase Adams | Contributor It comes as no surprise to me that 66% of the entire world, men and women alike, think the world would be a better place if men thought more like women. It also doesn’t surprise me that the land of old glory thinks even more highly of women, with 73% […]

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My dad's current race car - a 1992 Camaro | Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

Meet Whitney Gonzalez, a drag racer’s daughter

BY Whitney Gonzalez | Guest contributor, @whitneygonzalez Some families gather to watch baseball or football; mine gathers to watch the races. I have spent my weekends perched upon racetrack bleachers for as long as I can remember. Watching my father drag race remains inspiring. Looking on as he tinkered, experimented and repaired race cars sparked my love […]

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NTSB’s Hersman discusses distracted driving at FCC symposium

“When it becomes as socially unacceptable to ride with someone who’s texting or talking on their phone as it is to ride with someone who’s been drinking, then we know that we’ll really have made a change.” – NTSB Chairwoman Deborah Hersman at the FCC distracted driving technology symposium.

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Video: Crystal Windham talks Chevrolet Impala Design

In 2011, Crystal Windham rose through the ranks at General Motors to become the first African American woman to lead the company’s design efforts. As interior design director for Chevrolet cars in North America, her award-winning designs have undoubtedly channeled consumers’ feedback on Chevy’s vehicle offerings  into the automaker’s newest products. Today, Windham is proud […]

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Meet Rebecca Seiler (L), Active Safety Product Engineer, and Jennifer Shaw (R), Driver Assistance Electronics Supervisor. These women were behind the development of new driver assist technologies on the 2013 Ford Fusion.

Industry Pulse|These women made the 2013 Ford Fusion safer to drive

Editor’s Note:  Not often do we hear from the engineers who work behind-the-scenes to make our cars safer, more user-friendly and technologically advanced. Even rarer is it to discover those engineers are women. In an industry where the jobs have historically been male dominated, I think it is important to highlight women who are making […]

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Makeup artist, VW remind women beauty is in eye of the driver

This morning, the Today Show spotlighted a recent PSA from Volkswagen and a well-known beautician who gives video makeup tutorials that has garnered nearly half a million views since April. The network show has often covered the topic of distraction behind the wheel, particularly when it comes to teen drivers. In a recent poll on their […]

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Be Car Chic editor joins WAPA Board of Directors

Be Car Chic editor, Melanie Batenchuk, recently joined the Washington Automotive Press Association Board of Directors as Second Vice President. WAPA serves automotive journalists, bloggers, and industry groups in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area. With members all over the country, the association is a great way for manufacturers and regulators to keep in touch with automotive media. […]

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Tomorrow: Audra Fordin to tell Anderson Cooper what he auto know

A few months back, we highlighted auto repair woman, Audra Fordin, and her recent rise to popularity in the automotive world. Now, she will be on Anderson Cooper’s talk show tomorrow, Friday, April 13, at 4:00 p.m. Eastern. Fordin will spend a few minutes sharing with the audience what they ‘auto’ know before making big […]

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Can moms truly drive distraction-free?

News has been swirling all week about young mother Shawndeeia Bowen, who was arrested along the Los Angeles corridor for texting while driving with her baby in her lap and two other children unsecured in the back seat. What would normally remain a local story has become nationwide news due to Distracted Driving Awareness Month. […]

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WAPA president talks Kiplinger’s Cheapest Cars to Own on the Today Show

On March 15, the Washington Automotive Press Association welcomed its new president, Jessica Anderson, associate editor for Just days later, WAPA’s new leader appeared on NBC’s Today Show to talk about the 10 Cheapest Cars to Own in 2012 – a list Anderson puts together annually. I know that the WAPA leadership and members […]

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Pandora streams custom radio to drivers

Over the last few decades, what we listen to in our cars and how we listen to it has evolved almost as much as the vehicles themselves. With the invention of the Internet and its ubiquitous integration into our everyday lives, now more than ever, consumers expect to have what they want, when they want […]

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Industry Pulse: GM’s Mary Henige on Google+ brand pages, social media

Google Plus (Google+) and its launch of brand pages has been a hot topic of discussion lately. I recently connected with Mary Henige, who serves as the Director of Social Media & Digital Communications for General Motors, to discuss the automaker’s social media strategy and Google+ brand page launch. Mary Henige has been with General […]

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Meet Audra Fordin, auto repair woman extraordinaire

Audra Fordin is an energetic woman in the automotive industry who has been earning recognition lately for her auto repair shop, savvy business sense, and her quest to educate others about car maintenance. As owner of the Great Bear Auto and Body Shop in Flushing, New York, Fordin combines her 27 years of hands-on car expertise […]

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Gilles and Paretta: The SRT “Dream Team”

  It’s official! Beth Paretta has made the switch from English automaker Aston Martin to Detroit-based Chrysler. That means she will be teaming up with the brand’s SRT head honcho, Ralph Gilles, who recently transitioned into this role. First, a little background. In 2010, I worked for Chrysler at its social media agency of record […]

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Mandy and Jane’s cross-country “MoVenture”

About this time last year (in case you don’t already know this) I worked behind the social media scenes for Chrysler here in the D.C. area. During that time I built great relationships. One of those happens to be with Christa Shalhoub, who runs Mopar’s social media events.In July, the folks at Mopar implemented a […]

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