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How I Drive | Profile of Mazda’s Tamara “Tami” Mlynarczyk

Want to get the skinny on the newest and most exciting developments taking place at Mazda USA? Tami’s your girl! She’s been representing the automaker for over a decade as their Manager of Public Affairs and you’ll likely see her contact information on most Mazda press releases that cross the wire. Without further ado, let’s […]

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Photo Credit: Kirk Westwood

How I Drive | Profile of TFL Car’s Emme Hall

We’re introducing you to Emme Hall, Video Host and Reviewer at TFL Car. Emme also drives in desert races – check out her revved-up driving style!

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How I drive | Profile of Whitney Gonzalez

People spend a lot of time in their cars. According to a survey, the average American will spend 4.3 years of their life driving a car. We’ve all got different driving styles and habits, and you’ll soon learn a lot about them.

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Day One at the Detroit Auto Show for #FordNAIAS

As expected, today was a rush! My day with Ford started by admiring the thick snow (that I didn’t have to shovel or drive in) on the way to Joe Louis Arena. Once we arrived – by “we” I mean Ford’s “digital influencers” – we proceeded to our reserved, front-and-center press conference seating. I don’t […]

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Look 3: Steering the Sorento - Comfort is key when test driving a new SUV in the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe. Layers allow the most flexibility to adjust your temperature as the day warms up and cools down.

How to pack for a press trip in Lake Tahoe

It’s very exciting to get an invite to the lovely, scenic Lake Tahoe, California. But after the moment of bliss passed, and I had a chance to read the instructions provided by Kia, who would be hosting me, I thought, “What am I going to wear?!” The Challenge: 72 hours including travel There may be contact […]

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Be Car Chic celebrates five years

Today is a big day for Be Car Chic as we celebrate five years of sharing automotive perspectives and influencing online conversation about our industry. In 2009, I launched Be Car Chic out of my passion for the auto industry. Having worked at the dealership level in college, spent time advocating on behalf of car dealers and […]

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Interview with Be Car Chic Editor Melanie Batenchuk-Green Living Guy

Green Living Guy interview with Melanie Batenchuk

We met Green Living Guy’s head honcho, Seth Leitman, at the Porsche Panamera Plug-in drive last fall. He was kind enough to do a profile interview on editor, Melanie Batenchuk, and her opinion on green cars like the newly electrified Panamera. Here’s a brief excerpt, but we encourage you to check out the full interview on […]

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The Fray concert with the Buick Regal GS at #GMSummerSeries

We had a great time checking out the #GMSummerSeries with Drive the District on Wednesday night. General Motors invited Be Car Chic to enjoy The Fray at local venue, Wolf Trap National Park. BCC editor, Melanie Batenchuk, brought along Mr. Car Chic plus two friends / bonafide car gals – Jessica Anderson of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and Farleigh Wolfe. The […]

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Google Glass demo at NYC Basecamp

As part of an influencer program with Land Rover USA ahead of NYIAS, we visited the Google Glass Basecamp in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Wearing Google Glass is definitely a conversation starter, and it becomes an automatic opportunity for you to serve as a brand ambassador as those around you inquire about […]

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My dad's current race car - a 1992 Camaro | Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

Meet Whitney Gonzalez, a drag racer’s daughter

BY Whitney Gonzalez | Guest contributor, @whitneygonzalez Some families gather to watch baseball or football; mine gathers to watch the races. I have spent my weekends perched upon racetrack bleachers for as long as I can remember. Watching my father drag race remains inspiring. Looking on as he tinkered, experimented and repaired race cars sparked my love […]

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Video: Chevrolet’s Ryan Vaughan makes tech central to 2015 Corvette Z06 interior

As cars (even sports cars) transform into computers on wheels, Chevrolet’s newest Corvette comes stock with technological features thanks to Ryan Vaughan, design manager for performance car interiors (read, “really awesome job”) at General Motors. Check out this video where Vaughan explains what all he’s packed into the 2015 Corvette Z06.

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Be Car Chic looks back at 2013

Be Car Chic looks back at 2013

It’s safe to say that 2013 was a great year for Be Car Chic, and for me personally. Heading into my fifth year running this website (or “blog”, as I’m not afraid to call it), I am thankful for all of the opportunities this platform has provided me. I have the great privilege of communicating […]

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Porsche Panamera

Video: Porsche Panamera full of thrilling contradictions

In October, we joined social media influencers at a drive event in Atlanta, Ga. to test out the all-new Porsche Panamera. That test drive included both track and street time in all of Porsche’s Panamera offerings, including the brand-new e-Hybrid. Porsche put together this video to recap the event. It obviously encapsulates the brand’s style […]

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Photo credit: Greg Jarem

Desert Dream|AMG experience with Mercedes-Benz

There are few comparisons to getting in one of your favorite sports cars and going 135 mph around a dusty race track, propelled by 622 horses. As automotive writers and enthusiasts, I think it’s fair to say that these are our favorite times. Driving high-end sports cars is, in a way, a reward for our […]

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David Gandy Jaguar F-Type

Supermodel David Gandy’s escapism? Driving the Jaguar F-TYPE

How do you position a sports car as handsome, poised, elegant, sexy and strong? Pair it with British supermodel David Gandy. A new short film from Jaguar features Gandy describing how driving is his escapism from the stresses of life. If you look closely, you’ll also see that he gets a chance to take a […]

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Industry Pulse|Former fashion designer, Anthony Prozzi, elevates 2013 Ford Fusion

Few people have transformed a start in clothing fashion into a career in automotive design. Anthony Prozzi, formerly a designer for Donna Karan, took the skills he learned from years in the fashion industry and applied them to Ford’s all-new Fusion. I recently spent thirty minutes with Prozzi to hear his inspiring story, where he […]

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Video: How luxury watches inspired Cadillac’s XTS

“The interior really started with inspiration from the fashion industry, furniture – the world of luxury our customers are living in every day.” – Eric Clough, Director of Design, Cadillac

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2013 Cadillac XTS

Cadillac’s chic, new XTS interior

Cadillac has long been known for the details it includes inside its vehicle lineup, but the company recently stepped up its game to meet its customers’ high-end taste in style. The 2013 Cadillac XTS interior takes cues from the fashion and furniture industries, packing in as many luxury materials as possible. Watch this short video […]

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Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz

2014 S-Class interior|Mercedes-Benz brings ultimate luxury to all four passengers

No longer is the Mercedes-Benz flagship sedan just for the driver. The 2014 S-Class interior will blow your mind and anyone riding in this über luxurious four-door with you. Be Car Chic got a sneak peek at the 2014 S-Class interior and the images prove that this car takes refinement to a whole new level. […]

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Top 20 Automotive people to follow on Twitter and why

One could say that Twitter is the reason why people know me as ‘Car Chick’ and partially why this blog exists. Back in 2008, I began exploring Twitter for the purpose of navigating it successfully for the association where I worked. I thought it would be a unique way for us to communicate with our […]

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