Experiencing Off-Road Luxury with Lexus

Experiencing Off-Road Luxury with Lexus

Today’s demanding lifestyles require us to be able to navigate a variety of challenging situations in a single 24 hour span. From boardrooms to bedtimes, we are expected to seamlessly handle it all with ease. Lexus has a clear understanding of how necessary it is to be adaptable in every scenario. We were invited as part of select group of women-only to Brasada Ranch in Oregon recently to see their take on both handling tough terrain and dominating rush hour in style.

Lexus Oregon adventure Full lineup

Image credit: Lexus Heels & Wheels

In the back of my mind I kept wondering if a Luxury Utility vehicle could come anywhere close to being as multifaceted as our lives require us to be. We were more than happy to put their systems to the test.

Lexus Oregon Adventure Lexus GX460

Image credit: Lexus Heels & Wheels

After an instructional briefing, we were grouped with a driving instructor for backup, because we were truly taking these vehicles off the paved paths. Our driving course had gorgeous scenery but also included a variety of steep inclines, sharp rocks, and slippery descents. It wasn’t until the moment we left for the course that I really believed we were going to do what we had been told these luxury vehicles were capable of.

Image credit: Alice Chase

Image credit: Alice Chase

As it turns out they were capable of way more than I gave them credit for. Finally it was my turn to tackle the course in the Lexus GX 460

We went up…

Lexus Oregon Adventure GX460 uphill offroad

Image credit Lexus Heels & Wheels

We went down…

Lexus Oregon Adventure GX460

Image credit Lexus Heels and Wheels

…and, when needed, we could tackle tight spaces between rocks and trees with ease.

Lexus Oregon Adventure GX460 offroad trail

Image credit Lexus Heels & Wheels

There were times I couldn’t really see over the hood but the technology inside equipped us with everything needed to give a clear view from all angels and navigate each area safely.

The ingenious Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System is designed to change with the terrain. Off-road, it allows each wheel to move more independently, so the wheel on uneven ground can react while the other wheels are relatively unaffected. This same system comes into play again when your drive takes you back on-road, minimizing body lean by automatically fixing the front and rear stabilizer bars in place.

Lexus Oregon Adventure Curved Road

Image credit: Alice Chase

Later in the afternoon we were able to experience a smoother roads in the Lexus NX 300h.

Lexus Oregon Adventure NX 300h

Image credit Alice Chase

While the NX 300h was much more compact than the GX 460, the exceptional styling and comfort level remained. As busy professionals and parents, efficiency is always of utmost importance.  A hybrid with lots of amenities fits perfectly into that lifestyle. This was a vehicle I felt could handle it all.

Lexus Oregon Adventure NX 300h onroad

Image credit: Lexus Heels & Wheels

It was an amazing, adventure-filled day with great cars, beautiful scenery and even better company. The evening events will always be moments I reflect on as well. As the temperatures dropped with the setting sun, this adventurous group of accomplished women gathered by the fire together.

Having the opportunity to spend time with these incredible women was much more than just navigating roads. Together, we shared stories, strategies and encouragement to navigate our careers and life paths as well. It was an environment that mirrored the drive we had taken. The relationships and advice gained from one another really is vital to balancing and guiding our paths, and it helps us see things with more perspective.

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