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I first met Sebastian while he was on assignment covering advanced technology vehicles at the D.C. Auto Show. Since then, we regularly reunite at the auto shows sprinkled across the country throughout the year. Sebastian is the go-to guy for green vehicles over at the popular website, AutoblogGreen. Originally from the western half of Michigan, Sebastian’s cool demeanor gives him a vibe that seems far more suitable for Cuba or a similarly interesting place. Let’s check out Seb’s driving style…

How I Drive | Profile of Sebastian Blanco from AutoblogGreen

Sebastian Blanco Autoblog GreenLocation: West Michigan

Daily Driver: 2007 Honda Fit

Time Spent Driving/day: 0-60 minutes, depending on if I’m working from home or headed into town

Road Most Traveled: US-131

Driving Style in One Word: Green

In-Car Must-Haves: iPod connector, a nice cup of tea

Driving Tunes: Pearl Jam, of course. I always let the media cars go back to their home tuned to XM22.

Time-saving technique: Avoiding jackrabbit starts may seem like a counterintuitive way to save time, but you’ll find you almost always get to the next light alongside everyone else, and if you’re going to the gas station less often, then you’re really saving time.

Hanging from rear view: Nothing at all.

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