hum by Verizon and Be Car Chic partner on driver safety

Driver safety has been central to our efforts here at Be Car Chic for more than five years, as we’ve worked to encourage drivers to curb their distracted driving habits by committing to put their phones away during their daily commutes. Thankfully, the issue has also become an increasingly important topic of discussion within the automotive community. But beyond reducing distraction, there are other ways that drivers can increase their safety while on the road.

Today, we are announcing a partnership with Verizon that will feature hum, the company’s onboard diagnostic and roadside assistance tool designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected.

hum system overview

We are excited to work with hum by Verizon to highlight the importance of safe driving over the course of the next few months.

What can you expect from our partnership?

Be Car Chic will publish articles every other Friday from May through September, featuring a topic related to driver safety. During the campaign, we will also share guest blog posts from Verizon subject-matter experts and an exclusive interview with a Verizon insider for our Industry Pulse feature column.

You can expect to experience similar content throughout the next few months on our Facebook and Twitter channels using the #humBCC hashtag as well. Connect with us there if you haven’t already.

Why should this campaign matter to you?

We are passionate about cars and the technology they now bring to consumers, and we believe that safe driving habits should be a focal point for discussion.

Driver safety is a topic that’s not only relevant to licensed drivers but also to those little future drivers in the back seat, who are sure to follow their parents’ example.

It’s truly amazing how drastically the car market has transformed in the past decade. Today’s new cars come fully stocked with helpful features such as a rear backup camera, blind spot monitoring and Bluetooth connectivity; however, not every consumer has – or can afford to have – a newer vehicle capable of driver assistance. Tools like hum by Verizon help to level the playing field for consumers with older vehicles by bringing in the Bluetooth connectivity, roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics and more.

We look forward to sharing tips and techniques to develop better driving habits with you starting next Friday. Join the conversation on social media by telling us what tips and tricks you use to be a safer driver via the #humBCC hashtag.

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Disclaimer: This post is one of several articles part of a paid partnership with hum by Verizon. Our partnership focuses on driver safety, broadening the general awareness of Verizon’s hum product, and at times, will feature Verizon subject matter experts. Those articles will be denoted with an author by-line and this disclosure statement. Social media posts promoting the published articles in this series will be accompanied by the #humBCC and #sponsored hashtags.

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