Send a mom who inspires you a #BoxofNissans this Mother’s Day

Send a mom who inspires you a #BoxofNissans this Mother’s Day

It’s hard to believe that Mother’s Day is almost upon us (seriously, when did it get to be the end of April?!). Nissan sent us a box full of delicious chocolates for women at every life stage: white chocolate GT-R’s, dark chocolate Maxima’s, and milk chocolate Rogue’s.

Since I’m currently a dog mom, I’m self selecting as the “high octane” lady who scoots around in a sports car (although there is an awesome mom I follow on Instagram who actually did have a GT-R as her main vehicle and is about to give birth to baby numero dos!).

Box of Nissans

Nissan wants to celebrate moms everywhere by collecting your awesome mom stories via their Facebook and Instagram social media channels. The prize? A #BoxofNissans all your own. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate, and in the shape of Nissan’s most mom-tastic vehicle offerings? (And thank you, Nissan, for not sending us chocolates in the shape of your minivan!)

My ‘awesome’ mom car Story

Me and my Momma!

Me and my Momma!

I have a lot of great memories with my mom that involve being behind the wheel. She patiently taught me how to drive. After a bad day at school, she would often cheer me up with an opportunity to do some driving around our neighborhood subdivision. We had a lot of fun together during my years learning to be a good driver. She was also an excellent example of a good driver for me to observe. I picked up a lot of really good habits from both her and my dad, which is a reminder to today’s parents that your kids watch what you do behind the wheel and learn from it.

“Eat My Dust”

After a day of shopping in a nearby city, my mom and I were trying to get back on the highway to head home. But it was a left-hand turn onto the ramp during rush hour, and there was no stoplight to help give us priority. It felt like we were waiting for 10-15 minutes before we finally got a break in traffic and could turn. We didn’t have much room to move, but that didn’t stop my mom from putting the pedal to the metal. As we peeled out, making the turn, we watched an oncoming car get closer to us. And as it approached and we neared the on-ramp, my mom says in her best Clint Eastwood voice, “Eat My Dust.” We successfully made the turn and immediately both burst out laughing at her in-the-moment remark.

How can YOU get in on this chocolatey goodness?

Listen, not everyone is a mom or is fortunate to have their mom around, but I’m pretty confident you know an awesome mom or two who would enjoy a box of chocolates. So, regardless of your mom status, I’d say sharing these feel-good stories is worth it. Here’s how:

  • Visit to check out the contest rules.
  • Submit your Momtastic tales to one of Nissan’s social media channels.
  • Be sure to include the hashtags #BoxofNissans and #Contest in your posts.
  • Share your story with Be Car Chic by tagging us (@BeCarChic) in your photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
Box of Nissans - How to Enter

Visit for details on how to enter the contest.

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