Be Car Chic Hits Munich | BMW Welt & BMW Museum

Be Car Chic Hits Munich | BMW Welt & BMW Museum

BMW Welt

BMW Welt

If you’re a regular at Be Car Chic, you may remember a little thing I was trying to win last summer. I had entered a Facebook Photo Contest for a chance to win and all-expenses-paid trip to Germany from the German National Tourist Office. It was a popularity contest and I needed to have the most votes in order to win.

I entered the contest on a whim since I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. I would have never guessed that after a long month of gathering votes, I would be chosen as a contest winner!


The entire time, I had my fingers crossed for an itinerary full of automotive experiences and, of course, a visit to the BMW Welt and BMW Museum. I got to do just that! I was sent off to enjoy a Bavarian City, Culture & Landscape Road Trip, which included Munich and alpine towns Bad Reichenhall, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berchtesgaden.

Today, I’ll be focusing on the incredible experience that was the BMW Welt and Museum.

BMW Welt and Museum in Munich

I, I & I

I, I & I

It was a longtime dream of mine to see BMW HQ & the Welt. After years of admiring the brilliant architecture of these buildings, it was such a wonder to see them in person.

Photo Credit: BMW

Photo Credit: BMW


My visit began with lunch at Bavarie inside the Welt. It’s described as a combination of “a French brasserie with the finest regional Bavarian products.” I have to admit I was not expecting the Welt to feature some of Munich’s best restaurants. But then again, when I considered the BMW brand and everything else in the Welt, it made perfect sense.

BMW Isetta | BMW Welt

BMW Isetta | BMW Welt

There is so much to see in what seems like a small space in the Welt. In addition to BMW, Rolls Royce and MINI showcases, the Welt features conference space, a gift shop and the famed European Delivery center.



BMW Safety Car Welt

I was lucky enough to step onto the European Delivery level, which is exclusive those who have purchased a BMW and are there to pick it up! Life goals… just sayin’!






I also got to go behind the scenes to the service center. I got to see where the cars are received at the Welt and even got to peek at the technicians running final checks on the cars to make sure they were ready to hit the road.

One thing that’s interesting about the Welt is that it’s the one place you can experience all the manufacturer has to offer without feeling pressured to make a purchase, as you would at a traditional dealership. You actually can’t buy a car at the Welt.

You can, however, take off in a BMW without buying it… The BMW on Demand program allows you to reserve a car (or motorcycle) for drives as short as hours or as long as a weekend!


After my tour of the Welt, I took the pedestrian bridge across the street to the Museum, which is in front of the four-cylinder BMW HQ building. The museum opened in 1973 and captures just about every development in the BMW brand’s history. When I visited last fall, there was a temporary MINI exhibit. I don’t want to give it all away but here are some of my favorite visuals.



FullSizeRender 7






Are the BMW Welt & Museum on your bucket list yet? I must say that if you are a car lover and happen to be in Munich, it’s a destination you can’t miss!



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