A Faster Horse | Must-watch Mustang documentary now on Netflix

A Faster Horse | Must-watch Mustang documentary now on Netflix

Next time you fire up Netflix be sure to add A Faster Horse to your watchlist.

A Faster Horse is a documentary by David Gelb (of Jiro Dreams of Sushi fame) that takes car fanatics through the history the Ford Mustang as it approaches its 50th birthday.

Gelb brings to life both the joys and challenges of maintaining the image of the Ford’s famous sports car as the team who shoulders that responsibility prepares to launch a new Mustang — a painstaking labor of love imagining, crafting, developing, and building America’s most iconic muscle car.

As the film progresses, pressure mounts to see whether or not the final product will be a success. Gelb zeroes in on the car’s Chief Program Engineer, Dave Pericak, whose future fate hinges on the success of this new Mustang. It’s clear that everything is on the line in Pericak’s quest to perfect this next phase of the Mustang.

A Faster Horse is a documentary worth watching both for Mustang aficionados and those less familiar with the car’s 50-year history.

We enjoyed learning more about the Mustang’s early impact on American car culture. And we think that the film does well to explain to those beyond the auto industry just how much energy, passion and hard work goes into each new vehicle we see on the road today.

Don’t have Netflix? You can watch the trailer on Vimeo and rent it for $6.00.

Watch the trailer for A Faster Horse on Vimeo:

A Faster Horse from Gravitas Ventures on Vimeo.

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