How I Drive | Profile of AutoWeb chief editor, Michael Harley

How I Drive | Profile of AutoWeb chief editor, Michael Harley

Michael Harley Aston Martin

Meet Michael Harley–chances are you already have. With an extensive background in the auto industry, Mike is a car enthusiast to the core. After a decade-long stint as the West Coast editor of the popular website Autoblog, Mike jumped ship to spearhead the editorial content of the new car-shopping website AutoWeb.

We first met Mike in Germany on an international jaunt with Mercedes-Benz, and since then, we’ve enjoyed following both his weekly “sleds” in the driveway and automotive adventures from around the world. Learn more about Michael’s driving style below!
Michael Harley Cadillac

How I Drive | Autoweb editor-in-chief, Michael Harley

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Daily Driver: 1986 Porsche 930 White/black

Time Spent Driving/day: 1 hour

Road Most Traveled: Canyons

Driving Style in One Word: Enthusiastic

In-Car Must-Haves: Sunglasses; radar detector

Driving Tunes: I don’t listen to the radio.

Time-saving technique: Waze

Hanging from rear view: Nothing

Michael Harley Porsche GT3 RS

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