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If you’re an automotive journalist or blogger in the D.C. area, then you’ve most likely worked with the bubbly, energetic Nyree D. Wright. As Senior Vice President of MSLGROUP, Nyree serves as the ultimate public relations professional on behalf of General Motors, connecting her client with influencers in both the D.C. and NYC regions. I’m always thrilled to catch up with Nyree in person, as her smile and radiant personality are so contagious. Let’s see how her driving style matches up:

How I Drive | Nyree D. Wright

Nyree Wright headshotLocation: Washington, D.C. metro area

Daily Driver: 2007 Hummer H3X, deep red, “Scarlett”

Time Spent Driving/day: About 75-90 minutes

Road Most Traveled: Route 395

Driving Style in One Word: Proactive.

In-Car Must-Haves:

  • My OnStar: I can’t live without it. I love that I get a real person on the other end.
  • Water: I never have less than 3 fresh bottles in my truck; it refreshes me.

Driving Tunes: 80s! All. The. Way….

Time-saving technique: Listening to the local news channels for traffic updates so I can amend my route in real-time to avoid major congestion.

Hanging from rear view: Parkng tag; I don’t like anything that can potentially obstruct my vision.

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