How I Drive | Profile of SheBuysCars’ Fadra Nally

How I Drive | Profile of SheBuysCars’ Fadra Nally

Former corporette Fadra Nally has found her passion in writing and blogs for a living. In addition to her personal lifestyle blog, Fadra is also the Director of Content Strategy for SheBuyCars. Check out her driving profile below!

Fadra Nally

How I Drive | Fadra Nally

Location: Eldersburg, MD

Daily Driver: 2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid in Blizzard Pearl

Time Spent Driving/day: 10 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the day)

Road Most Traveled: Marriottsville Road, a small winding road through a beautiful forest of boulders, trees, and a creek that runs into the Patapsco River

Driving Style in One Word: Controlling

In-Car Must-Haves: Factory navigation, heated seats, moonroof, and a USB port!

Driving Tunes: I’m a word girl so you’ll almost always find me listening to an audiobook.

Time-saving technique: I require my passenger to be my co-pilot and back-up navigator.

Hanging from rear view: Not a thing. Wouldn’t want to obstruct my view!

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