How I Drive | Profile of GM’s Kim Carpenter

How I Drive | Profile of GM’s Kim Carpenter

Today we’re introducing a communications expert who has worked at GM for a decade and a half – Kim Carpenter. Currently GM’s East Coast Communications Manager, Kim works in NYC, loves the outdoors, manufacturing and the Texas Longhorns. Here’s how she drives:

How I Drive | Kim Carpenter

Kim Carpenter

Location: Hudson Valley

Daily Driver: 2015 Red Chevy Malibu

Time Spent Driving/day: Depends on my schedule

Road Most Traveled: Taconic Parkway

Driving Style in One Word: Safe

In-Car Must-Haves: OnStar, XM Radio and heated seats

Driving Tunes: Billy Idol & Squeeze

Time-saving technique: Hands-free calling

Hanging from rear view: Parking permit for the train

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