How I Drive | Profile of Toyota Motor Sales’ Greg Thome

How I Drive | Profile of Toyota Motor Sales’ Greg Thome

This week, we’re meeting Greg Thome, Regional Communications Manager at Toyota Motor Sales. Based in the sunny OC, Greg spends quite a bit of time commuting during the workweek but a “Frozen” pal keeps him company. Let’s learn about Greg’s driving style:

How I Drive | Greg Thome


Location: Orange County, CA

Daily Driver: Silver Sky Metallic 2015 Highlander Limited

Time Spent Driving/day: 2.5 hours

Road Most Traveled: I-405 from OC to South Bay

Driving Style in One Word: Calculated

In-Car Must-Haves: I use all of my options daily:

  • Entune
  • Sirius XM
  • iPod

Color-coded traffic on the Nav helps me with my options in the LA traffic, especially seeing accidents before getting stuck in a mess.

Driving Tunes: I like to bounce around a lot between XM news and sports, 70s and 80s rock, and my favorite Podcasts (Rich Eisen, Dennis Miller, Adam Carolla).

Time-saving technique: I can do a lot hands free, including calling into late conference calls. Real-time traffic and automatic route changes helps me choose which of my options are best for that particular day. Believe it or not, the dynamic cruise control is a help in LA traffic.

Hanging from rear view: I had Green Bay Packers fuzzy dice for a long time, but eventually the string broke. He’s not hanging from the mirror, but my daughters recently added a hula-dancing Olaf on top of the dash.

Stay tuned for more “How I drive” profiles. Whose profile would you like to see next?

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