Behind the Scenes at Velocity’s ‘All Girls Garage’ Studio

Behind the Scenes at Velocity’s ‘All Girls Garage’ Studio

Here at Be Car Chic, we’re all about making our readers – especially women – feel confident in their ability to care for their cars. I love the idea of promoting other women who share our love for the automotive industry. When I attended the Michelin “Women and Tires” event in March, I had the opportunity to meet Bogi, from Velocity Network’s All Girls Garage. I was totally that fan who asked for a picture. =)

Whitney and Bogi at Michelin "Women and Tires" Event. Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

Whitney and Bogi at Michelin “Women and Tires” Event. Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

On the show, Bogi, Jessi and Cristy Lee crush stereotypes, as they show off their expertise by taking on challenging automotive projects – and yes, they do the work themselves. I had the chance to witness it firsthand during a studio visit last week! Did I mention that the show is filmed right in my hometown of Central Florida, as Fox Tampa Bay recently revealed?

Jessi, Bogi and Cristy Lee on the "All Girls Garage" Set. Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

Jessi, Bogi and Cristy Lee on the “All Girls Garage” Set. Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

The “girls” were wrapping up the filming of the show’s third season and it was cool to see what goes on behind the scenes. Wondering why they all look extra pretty while working? As with most television show sets, there is a makeup artist on hand to make sure the girls look picture perfect. Working on cars is a messy job but they are on TV after all!

Bogi Behind the Scenes During Makeup Touch-up. Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

Bogi Behind the Scenes During Makeup Touch-up. Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

Filming five days in a row can be exhausting … as demonstrated by an unidentified napper.

Unidentified Napper. Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

Unidentified Napper. Photo provided by Whitney Gonzalez

As you can see, the girls behind All Girls Garage work extra hard to make the show a hit in addition to holding down their full-time professions. For example, Bogi runs her own automotive shop, 180 Degrees Automotive, in Phoenix, in addition to teaching basic car care classes for women across the country.

Want to learn more about the show? You can check the showtimes here and visit their Facebook page here.

What questions would you ask the “girls” during a studio visit? Let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. Steve at 8:48 AM

    Bogie to me is the hottest girl on the show just a beautiful woman and I think the smartest easy on the eyes that’s the real reason for my comment

  2. Jorge at 7:58 AM

    PLEASE tell the ladies to wear rubber gloves whenever they are working with grease and oil. It’s clear that they are not worried about getting their hands dirty but oil and grease can be toxic and they are absorbed through the skin just like a “patch” applied to the skin for medication. Years of exposure to grease and oil on the skin has caused many mechanics health issues later in life. So for their health PLEASE have them wear rubber gloves or similar all the time to protect them from the oil and grease.

  3. David Nichols at 9:25 PM

    If possible how could I get my 53 chevy worked on by the girls?

  4. marty aldrich at 2:17 PM

    i watch the all girls garage everytime , it airs, i definitely respect the knowledge that these 3 ladies have, they work very hard, and it is a fantastic show, keep up the great work , that the 3 of you do, each of you are truly, and definitely appreciated, i do a lot of maintenance work on our vehicles, but it is always great to learn something new, is there any way that i can get a poster of all 3 of you , if so please let me know, thank you.

  5. Dan Brown at 8:09 PM

    I was just wondering if Jessie could tell me if a mustang 2 front end would be better than the leaf springs I have on my 1928 model A truck I have a BT-4 cummins Diesel on a home bilt frame and Jaguar Rear End it is very solid but it gets a little wild at higher speeds.

  6. John Young at 8:39 PM

    If possible how could I get my 4 door, hard top, 1964 chevy impala worked on by the girls?

  7. Dennis at 11:53 AM

    You guys please wear gloves that grease and dirt and chemicals wreak havoc on your bodies aslo wear a mask your breathing in all that crap keep up the great work. Dennis. 35 + ase master tech

  8. Keith ford at 1:26 PM

    Why does Bogi film in Florida instead of Arizona ?

  9. bruce kosnik at 9:17 AM

    this is bruce from michigan.I am 62 and just recently retired.I now live on an income of $30,000 a year.I have been watching all these programs that will rebuild your car just to help out and please someone financially.My heart aches everytime I watch an episode.
    I used to own a 1970 nova ss.I had it converted into a real muscle car and enjoyed it for years until I had to finally get rid of it back in 1977.I couldn`t keep my drivers license.I traded it in for a brand new 1977 ford 4 wheel drive pickup.I`m still sick about it,wishing I would have stored it away I have the time to work on one ,but don`t have the money.yes,I`m asking for a handout.just want something to show for all my life.what would be the harm in picking up another nova or maybe a 1967 firebird and rebuilding it on your show.I would do whatever it takes to get this done.I`m just sick and depressed over the whole matter.My nova had a 327 bored out ,bal.&blueprinted,lt-1 cam,dual point distributor,pushing 400 hp.had a 400 turbo trans.with few plastic balls removed so it would shift harder.put 396 springs in the front end with horeshoes to lift it.if you left it in drive and took off ,it wouldn`t shift til you reached 5.5 rpm, was great for what I had.I`d love to have another one.if I did it again,I would want it set up for street racing.I would drive respectively now though.would like about 500 to 600 hpwith a nice thumper camand a b&m shifter on a 400 turbo.unless you had a better idea.I would love working with you girls,I`m sure my wife wouldn`t mind.Just a thought,hoping for the best I guess. bruce kosnik

  10. Rocky at 12:52 PM

    BIG fan of the show! I love it that more and more women are getting involved in auto mechanics/restorations. Of course all of the girls on the show are quite lovely, as well as talented, but two in particular really stand out in my opininion. That would be Rachelle and Christy Lee. WOW! What beauty (special emphasis on the stunningly attractive Rachelle DeBarros). She has been introduced as a stand in for Jesse for too long now and I really hope that she becomes a permenant asset to the show. And please have her email me if ever she wants to go for a motorcycle ride with me. I own a Harley Davidson Daytona edition Dyna glide. I would REALLY love to find out if her inner beauty matches her outer! I suspect that it does. Assuming she’s single of course… I know…join the rest of the male population and keep on dreaming right?