Ford Goes Further With All-New 2015 Edge

Ford Goes Further With All-New 2015 Edge

BY Chase Adams | Contributor

Ford announced its all-new 2015 Edge mid-size crossover. You’d be forgiven for forgetting the current Edge, which is bookended by the excellent Escape and Explorer CUVs in Ford’s lineup, but no longer. The new Edge has unforgettable styling and impressive technology to compete for the mid-size crossover buyer’s hard earned dollars.

With front end styling reminiscent of Ford’s Taurus, and rear styling taking cues from Ford’s Fusion, the Edge is well conceived with purposeful appearance and plenty of attitude. Interior treatments create an inviting, high quality environment for five passengers and a large dog in the trunk.

Ford says the typical Edge buyer wants to make a statement, much like a coupe buyer. The new car offers not only the styling to make impressions, but impressive technology such as adaptive cruise control, that automatically adjusts speed at highway based on traffic, and a trick 180 degree camera that allows drivers to peak around tight corners.

The new Edge faithfully continues Ford’s commitment to turbos with a brand new four-cylinder 2.0L turbo and the twin turbo V6 found on F150 making appearances in the model range.

Ford tells us the new Edge is sporty, with a sophisticated new rear suspension, and high tech stability control systems. The new Edge shares its platform with Ford’s fantastic Fusion, which has proven to be a sporty alternative in the mid-size sedan segment.

The new 2015 model will appear on dealer lots early next year. Look forward to an in depth review and more news about the new 2015 Edge right here at

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