GM’s OnStar gets into the Santa Spirit

GM’s OnStar gets into the Santa Spirit

If you have young kids, you’ve probably checked out NORAD’s Santa Tracker each Christmas Eve. (Heck, even if you’re an adult you think it’s pretty cool.) General Motors’ OnStar service has teamed up with NORAD for the past five years to give drivers a chance to keep tabs on the man in the big red suit.

Think about it – you’re out doing some last-minute shopping on Christmas Eve. The kids are anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival and you want to keep them happy and entertained. Or, perhaps, you’re traveling to grandma’s house for the holiday and want to follow Santa’s tracks. With the press of the blue button, you can keep the story of Santa’s 24-hour trek around the world alive.

Check out the video below with James Bell, head of Consumer Affairs for General Motors, who talks to some pretty excited kids about Christmas. Then, listen to real calls with OnStar from families seeking Santa.

Just one question remains. Where do you leave the milk and cookies – the car or the house?

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