Supermodel David Gandy’s escapism? Driving the Jaguar F-TYPE

Supermodel David Gandy’s escapism? Driving the Jaguar F-TYPE

How do you position a sports car as handsome, poised, elegant, sexy and strong? Pair it with British supermodel David Gandy.

A new short film from Jaguar features Gandy describing how driving is his escapism from the stresses of life. If you look closely, you’ll also see that he gets a chance to take a spin in Jaguar classics such as the C-Type, E-Type and XKSS.

In a press release from Jaguar, Gandy said:

Jaguar, with its unique, seductive design and high performance engineering is making the world fall in love all over again with the classic British two-seater sports car. It was such a pleasure to take a journey in some of the most fabulous cars in automotive history through to the new F-TYPE, which more than lives up to its sporting predecessors.

If you ask me, Gandy is the only thing in this movie that looks better than the F-TYPE.


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