Cellcontrol infographic on distracted driving

Cellcontrol infographic on distracted driving

Distracted Driving Awareness Month might be behind us, but we are still very aware of this important issue and its deadly impact. Don’t be one of the nine people killed everyday in distraction-related traffic accidents. With Memorial Day weekend travel upon us, here’s an infographic to refresh your memory on texting while driving statistics.

Cellcontrol put together this infographic on distracted driving to highlight the data. Stay tuned for an interview with Cellcontrol’s CEO Rob Guba, coming to the blog soon!


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  1. Rachel Strauser at 9:08 AM

    I am a teacher at Lebanon School District. We are having our annual Project Aware day where we promote acceptance, tolerance, staying sober, and no texting while driving. I am trying to find infographics that I could print and post around the school. Is there anyway that I can print this infographic related to distracted driving?

  2. Melanie Batenchuk Author at 4:06 PM

    Hi Rachel – You should be able to click the image to enlarge and then print from your browser. Thanks for stopping by! -Melanie