Allstate “Windscreen” commercial

Allstate “Windscreen” commercial

BY Liza Smith, Automotive Ads Contributor | @Homadge

“Delete Text Driving” is the final copy in the ad below called “Windscreen” (produced by Leo Burnett Chicago a few years ago).

This commercial is so powerful that I think about it whenever I see Melanie’s #DFF posts. I’m sharing it with you so it can make an impact on you as well. Please share this ad with your friends and family.

Explore more at and If you want to play some games (really!), visit the homepage.

Finally, I have to share one of my favorite Allstate Mayhem commercials, “Pink SUV.” (I think it’s one of the most persuasive ads of the bunch.)

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  1. Laura at 10:57 AM


    Thanks for the share! Windscreen is definitely an “oldie but a goodie” in the campaign against tasting and driving and continues to be a powerful message.

    Mayhem does a pretty good job too. =) BTW, responding to customer demands, Allstate just started a new web page to keep all the new Mayhem videos in one place.

    Feel free to link to this page when you post Mayhem vids. =)