Infographic|Dangers of distracted driving go beyond texting

Infographic|Dangers of distracted driving go beyond texting

Continuing the conversation from our post about whether teens find driving drunk more dangerous than texting while driving, a new infographic from Allstate Insurance shows some stats that may prove the opposite.

Texters are three times slower to react than even buzzed drivers

Research has shown that drivers who text while behind the wheel are 37.4 percent slower to react, compared to intoxicated drivers, whose reaction time diminishes by 12.5 percent.

Texters need triple the amount of time to react to a pedestrian, bicyclist, or animal running out in front of a car than even drunk drivers.

While two wrongs don’t make a right, I don’t condone drinking and driving or distracted driving, it is interesting to see just how severely a mobile device can impair a driver.

Eating, passengers and pets can be distracting

Distraction comes in many forms – it can be cognitive, visual and manual. Think about how many actions you conduct when driving that are more distracting than you realize.

Reader poll – Which of these actions do you do behind the wheel? Share in the comments below.

  • Apply makeup in the mirror
  • Read or send email
  • Eat or drink
  • Read or send text messages
  • Tend to a child
  • Turn around to talk to passengers
  • Use a laptop or tablet

For more information on distractions in the car, check out this infographic from Allstate Insurance:

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