3rd Annual Distraction Free Fridays campaign kicks off with help of AT&T, CBS Radio Charlotte

3rd Annual Distraction Free Fridays campaign kicks off with help of AT&T, CBS Radio Charlotte

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the blog is back with its Third Annual Distraction Free Fridays campaign. Again, I will ask you, your friends and family to ‘put the device aside and focus on the drive’.

Be Car Chic readers and my peers understand just how seriously I take distracted driving.Every Friday for the next 12 weeks, you will find content here about driver distraction issues.

What’s the campaign name all about?

Start your commitment small, with your Friday commute (or wherever you go on a typical Friday). Bad habits don’t die overnight. The idea is that by committing to one day per week driving without grabbing your phone at every pause in the road, it will be less tempting to you as time goes on. It may not be scientific, but dozens of my readers and friends have indicated this thought process has helped them commit to stop driving distracted.

New Partnerships for 2013

AT&T has been out in front on the issue of distracted driving thanks to its “It Can Wait” anti-texting and driving campaign. Be Car Chic is partnering with AT&T this year to increase awareness of this issue.

Experts from AT&T will post guest blogs here on topics such as ‘how wireless carriers are working to keep drivers safely connected in the car’ and ‘the impact of mobile technology on driver behavior.’

We are also excited to be expanding our coverage by partnering with CBS Radio in Charlotte, N.C. for the remainder of 2013. The radio network has decided to put a special emphasis on distracted driving this year. I will be providing weekly ‘Distraction Free Fridays’ content for their website, focusing on how teens and parents can curb their bad emailing, texting and talking habits.

Stay in touch with Distraction Free Fridays on Twitter by  using the #DFF and #itcanwait hash tags. Tweet this pledge to show your support:  I commit to putting the device aside and focusing on the drive. Don’t drive distracted! #DFF #itcanwait

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