Wrapping up Auto Show season in the Big Apple, Part II

Wrapping up Auto Show season in the Big Apple, Part II

The New York International Auto Show opens to media tomorrow with a slew of press conferences. In fact, the schedule is so packed that half-a-dozen reveals are scheduled for tonight. What was that about the early bird and the worm? I’m not sure how I feel about scheduling exclusive reveals ahead of the first press day – it’s kind of like releasing the full Super Bowl ad before the Big Game. But I digress.

It has been another exciting Auto Show season for me. I’ve enjoyed having a chance to hit the Show floor in Los Angeles, Detroit, D.C. and New York. Through these events, the cars are obviously incredible, but I equally enjoy the opportunity to network with other automotive writers and industry representatives. This time around in NYC, I get to wear an extra badge of honor as the new President of the Washington Automotive Press Association (WAPA).

Resources for 2013 NYIAS Coverage

I understand that not everyone can be in NYC for the ultra-hyped unveilings of sick cars like the new SRT Viper TA. I’ve also embedded the Twitter feed for #NYIAS2013 at the bottom so you can just keep this post open on your desktop and check in throughout the press days (3/27 and 3/28).

Also, here are a few web resources for both horsepower die-hards and those who prefer green driving fun:


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