Join us for Social Media Week DC

Join us for Social Media Week DC

Social Media Week DC is just around the corner. Happening February 18 through 22, this year’s conference features a flurry of events centered around (you guessed it) social media. Check out the full schedule here.

So what does social media have to do with the auto industry? More than you probably realize. That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing on Tuesday, February 19 during the  Social Media and Smart Autos: The Car IS the Latest Technology session from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm.

Take a deeper dive with our expert panel representing the technology, dealers and mobile providers. Hear about how technology and social media have shaped the automobile and how the proliferation of mobile devices has changed what consumers want in their cars.

Here’s the panel lineup:

  • Link Hoewing, Assistant Vice President on Internet and Technology Issues, Verizon  – (@linkhoe)
  • Rena Shapiro, Political Director, Pandora – (@renashapiro)
  • David Telfer, Director of Digital and Social Media, Koons Automotive – (@davetelfer)

Moderated by Melanie Batenchuk, Vice President, Beekeeper Group; Owner and Editor, – (@CarChickMWB)

Here’s the full event description:

You didn’t have to be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to learn that many of the breakout innovations of 2013 are in the connected car. The vehicles we drive are becoming smarter and more social in many ways — from in-car WiFi, to smartphone integrations, to in-car apps. What will the future hold? Will your car read the morning news to you and then you’ll just say “Tweet This” to share it? Where will automakers and regulators draw the line on driver distraction? With average U.S. commute times near an hour round trip, we’ll examine both the trends and the implications of being “always-on” while driving.

Want to attend? Space is limited, so please register here. Get a sneak peek of the event from Jennifer Joy Madden here.

Can’t make it in person? Follow the live tweets from @BeekeeperGroup, @CarChickMWB and on the #SMWauto hash tag!

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