See you in the Motor City

See you in the Motor City

We are on our way to Detroit, Mich. to join thousands of journalists from around the globe at what’s expected to be the pinnacle of this year’s auto show season.

The most anticipated vehicle reveal? The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette. The excitement on Twitter, Facebook and our favorite auto blogs is palpable.

Want a glimpse of the vehicles set for the stage this week? Check out’s coverage here. For green car enthusiasts,’s Antony Ingram has your breakdown here.

What are we most excited about heading into the North American International Auto Show? The hustle and bustle of the automotive industry once again thriving and innovating.

We’ll be walking the floor on Monday and Tuesday, so be sure to follow our every step via @BeCarChic on Twitter. Hash tags to track are #NAIAS, #NAIAS13, and #one13thirteen (for Corvette news).

And if all the excitement about Corvette is just too much for you to miss, not to worry. We’ll be at the reveal and you can live vicariously through the live stream. Come back to this page at 6:45pm EST tonight, when the reveal can be watched below.

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