Makeup artist, VW remind women beauty is in eye of the driver

This morning, the Today Show spotlighted a recent PSA from Volkswagen and a well-known beautician who gives video makeup tutorials that has garnered nearly half a million views since April. The network show has often covered the topic of distraction behind the wheel, particularly when it comes to teen drivers. In a recent poll on their website, more than 85 percent of respondents said that they don’t text and drive because it’s not worth the possible consequence of death.

What I like best about this video is that it’s not overtly about driving distracted. It looks just like the other makeup how-to videos Nikkie Tutorials provides, but there’s a twist at the end. Watch to find out.

Kudos to Nikkie de Jager and VW for putting together a powerful message that didn’t need to be gory to make a point. There’s enough shock factor for the demographics who would be watching this video – young women who are also likely to be new drivers.

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Melanie Batenchuk

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One Response to “Makeup artist, VW remind women beauty is in eye of the driver”

  1. Wow…you’re spot on that it’s powerful without being gory to make a point. Really glad you posted this!