WAPA president talks Kiplinger’s Cheapest Cars to Own on the Today Show

On March 15, the Washington Automotive Press Association welcomed its new president, Jessica Anderson, associate editor for Kiplinger.com. Just days later, WAPA’s new leader appeared on NBC’s Today Show to talk about the 10 Cheapest Cars to Own in 2012 – a list Anderson puts together annually.

I know that the WAPA leadership and members are proud to have had Jessica’s representation on a national scale. (Guess I can say that now that I’m part of the Board of Directors, too.) I want to spotlight Jessica’s segment on ‘Today’s Consumer’ with NBC’s Willie Geist for any of you who have not yet seen it. Congrats and great job, Jessica!

Watch the video below and enjoy.

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  1. Tari Ledsome at 1:28 PM

    Wow! These cars are surprising, especially Scion and its compact design. I wouldn’t even believe that a 6’4” guy would fit in there. But, he actually did! But if ever I would pick one of these, Ford Fiesta would be my choice. The style and design defines it as an excellent family car.