Coming soon: monthly car reviews from the editors

Coming soon: monthly car reviews from the editors

As many of you know, my days (and nights) are filled with a full-time job, staying involved in the D.C. public affairs and auto industries, blogging here for your reading pleasure, and playing violin with the Symphony Orchestra of Arlington.

With that being said, it’s not often that I get the opportunity, or have the time, to review cars. (I know. This is almost auto blogger sacrilege as I’m “supposed” to be constantly getting press fleet vehicles for my driving pleasure.) But I take the metro to work, and as you can imagine, D.C. is not the most enjoyable place to drive.

Monthly car reviews beginning this February

In my opinion, some things are best left to the professionals. That’s why Be Car Chic will be getting monthly car reviews courtesy of the editors at I have teamed up with the folks at Autoweek to provide a broader range of content for my readers. is the consumer side of the publication where they try to create a friendly environment for everyday car shoppers to gather information and tips on the car-buying process.

Once a month, their editors will be bringing Be Car Chic exclusive content on a vehicle that the team has in its long-term rotation. You can expect to get a detailed snapshot of the car, its pros and cons, plus more.

Here’s a lineup of the vehicles the editors will be spotlighting here over the next few months:

  • Kia Rio 5 SX
  • Fiat 500C
  • Mazda 5
  • Volvo S60 R-Design

My name may also soon appear on as part of our working relationship; I plan to periodically share my car-buying advice for their readership as a contributing writer.

I hope you will enjoy this expansion of quality content and hearing from additional automotive experts!

 It should be noted that no financial compensation is exchanged in the content partnership between and The content is published here as part of that partnership, and the opinions expressed within that content are strictly those of the editors.

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