Sneak peek: Super Bowl XLVI car commercials

Sneak peek: Super Bowl XLVI car commercials

On February 5, millions of Americans will tune in to watch Super Bowl XLVI. But this Sunday isn’t all about football – it’s about commercials. Each year ad agencies up the ante with bigger, badder Super Bowl ads. And for the third year in a row, BMW 3-series lover, AT&T social media lead, and friend – Chris Baccus – and I will once again give you our candid car commercial analysis.

You’ll have to tune in here and at The Auto Marketing Blog on Monday, February 6 for our full opinions, but here’s a quick look at what you can expect to see during the biggest spectator event of the year to whet your appetite:

Acura NSX featuring Jerry Seinfeld

There will be no shortage of celebs in this year’s automotive Super Bowl ads. Acura’s bringing back the nostalgia of the 1990’s with Seinfeld references and its redesigned NSX. Love this ad? Tweet about is using #JerrysNSX.

Audi’s S7 Vampire Party

Capitalizing on Americans’ love for all-things-vampy, Audi brings a little dark humor to the ‘party.’

Cadillac ATSon the ‘Ring

GM’s luxury brand tells nay-sayers where they can go… goes ‘neck and neck’ 

This commercial about the car-buying experience is definitely on the bizarre side of things.

Chevy Camaro college grad conundrum

Chevrolet gets clever with this college grad’s mixup. What do you think?

Honda brings back Ferris Bueller, CR-V

This is probably the closest we’ll get to a sequel. Matthew Broderick now likes cute utes.

Hyundai unleashes the big cats and a Turbo Veloster

Jeff Bridges is back talking about the Veloster Turbo.

Lexus teases us with its new grille

This preview indicates the company’s new design direction but doesn’t reveal much more.

Updated 1/31 6:00 p.m.: Lexus released its full ad for the new GS just hours after posting this blog. Here it is for those of you who can’t wait a few more days.

Kia brings sexy back with Adriana Lima

Wait, is this an ad for the Lingerie Bowl?

Suzuki reminds us winter can be fun with the Kizashi

This ad definitely adds new meaning to ‘trade-in’ value.

Toyota reinvents the Camry

See what else the Japanese automaker reinvented.

VW shows its ‘Bark Side’

Is Volkswagen becoming synonymous with Darth Vader? We shall see.

Disclaimer:  The author provides strategic communications services for organizations that represent the auto industry, including many of the carmakers featured in this blog post. The views expressed in this post are solely the author’s and were not solicited by any third party.

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