#NAIAS 2012: Live from Detroit!

#NAIAS 2012: Live from Detroit!

I’m pretty sure that the automotive die-hards born and bred in Detroit don’t consider it a new year until the North American International Auto Show kicks off each January. Not to worry, I landed in the Motor City today to help them ring in 2012.

I immediately sensed the excitement and anticipation for the show after disembarking the plane. The last three or four years have had no shortage of challenges for Detroit and its Big Three brands, but the overall attitude this year appears to be one of optimism.

My NAIAS Game Plan

This is my first time attending this particular show and covering it on the blog. Having whet my appetite at other auto shows, I have come prepared with comfy shoes and cell phone charger!

The Press Preview starts Monday, January 9, and with it will come a slew of announcements from dozens of automakers. In addition to a whole lot of walking, I plan to cover news live via my Twitter handle (@BeCarChic)¬†and Facebook pages (www.facebook.com/BeCarChic), so be sure to follow me in those places. You’ll also want to follow the event’s hash tag (#NAIAS) to see ALL of the goodies flowing across the Twittersphere tomorrow and throughout the week.

I’m also planning to blog at night with updates, so stay tuned for more right here from Be Car Chic!

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  1. Matt Keegan at 6:40 AM

    Ah, blogging at night when at the auto show! I’m sure that you’ve been very busy — the Detroit auto show will keep you hopping, with dinners to attend, people to meet and an energy that seems like it will never be quenched.

    As usual, the NAIAS is a tremendous show. The reveals have been wonderful and there are always several surprises. A good pair of comfortable shoes is essential and, yes, your cell phone can be quickly drained. The pace is amazingly fast, but you’re running on excitement. Be prepared to be VERY tired when you return — it may not catch up with you until the weekend, but you’ll certainly feel it.

  2. admin Author at 2:28 PM

    That’s right Matt – burning the wick at both ends this week (and I have the scratchy throat to prove it). But it’s all worth it. The show has been a lot of fun. There’s a real, almost tangible, sense of positive hope here for the future – and really for the ‘right now.’