Enterprise Rent-a-Car offers Hawaiians all-electric ‘green’ foliage

Enterprise Rent-a-Car offers Hawaiians all-electric ‘green’ foliage

It has been a little quiet at Be Car Chic over the last week, but for good reason – I have been taking in the beautiful scenery of Hawaii! While here, there have been many adventures of varying sorts. My family and I have hit all the highlights on Oahu while also making time to venture beyond the touristy scene for a more authentic island experience.

But I’m not blogging about my vacation – I want to share something interesting that I learned just after landing in Honolulu – at Enterprise Rent-a-Car. On the walk to the parking lot to pick up our car rental for the week, I noticed a few Nissan Leafs neatly parked in front of a row of charging stations. I was both intrigued and impressed, so I asked the gentleman assisting us about Enterprise’s all-electric rental option.

The rep told us that the Honolulu airport location has 10 to 12 Leafs in its fleet. He shared that people who travel to Oahu from the other Hawaiian islands for short visits like to rent the Nissan EV’s because it’s convenient and gas-free. In August, Enterprise officially announced its introduction of Nissan’s EV to its rental fleet lineup in Hawaii, making it the first car rental company to offer gas, hybrid, and electric vehicles in the state.

Spending some time here as a tourist you quickly get the sense that Hawaii’s people have a lot of respect for the local environment. With so much emphasis on keeping America’s paradise beautiful and clean, offering a zero-emissions vehicle seems to be a natural extension of that point of view, extending Hawaii’s “green” landscape well beyond its lush foliage.

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