Electric cars to be”solar chic?”

I recently came across an article from GreenProphet.com about how solar energy could be implemented into EVs (electric vehicles) down the road. I couldn’t help but ponder what the means for the future of cars and their designs. Could this mean that auto manufacturers will begin designing solar energy into their vehicles in the near future? Can you imagine seeing the beautiful Tesla S2 (pictured below) donned with sleek solar panels the Frankfurt Auto Show? Think of it as the new carbon fiber.

Image courtesy of www.greenprophet.com.

Who knows. In another five years we could be witnessing car makers – especially those like Tesla and Fisker – seeking out ways to develop paper-thin solar panels that seamlessly integrate onto a vehicle’s glass roof panels,  rear windows, hood or even the tops of the side-view mirrors. It’s really an ingenious thought, and one that I believe will certainly be explored sooner rather than later.

What do you think about integrating solar panels into both electric vehicles and other everyday? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! 

Designing a car that’s both stylish and good for the environment, in my opinion, is the essence of being “solar chic.”

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  1. Bill Prosperi at 11:45 AM

    This only seems the reasonable way to go from here. Eventually we will get infrastructure that will allow for quick charging of EVs as we go about our daily business but what about that cross-country haul. With ‘range anxiety’ in the current list of EVs, anything other than a quick commute to work or the store is almost out of the question. If manufacturers can add a way to recharge the batteries while the car is in motion or sitting in a parking lot then these cars will become more alluring.Now comes the side effect of taking out the energy supplier. The oil companies are not going to like loosing out on gas being used and the electric companies are not going to be happy about not being able to take over where the standard gas station is leaving off. This is where I see the real struggle in this idea.

  2. beltranaboutcars at 11:16 AM

    I think the Prius has solar panels for turning on the ventilation fan while it´s parking under the sun. High efficiency solar panels are still cost-prohibitive… there are some new products that integrate them in windows in the construction world, but enough for moving a car, that might take at least another decade (unfortunately)