DC Car Chat to kick off August 16th

Washington, D.C. may not be viewed as the automotive kingdom of America, but we do have our bragging rights (if you can call them that). Detroit natives and Motor City enthusiasts may look down on the capital city as a weak representation of the industry their city started, but they should remember that what happens beneath the big white dome (whether any of us like it or not) ultimately impacts all of us.Many automotive enthusiasts, bloggers, and journalists live and work in the D.C. area. It’s true that we are all fighting for and reporting on the same industry. We often chat on Twitter and read one another’s articles, but it’s time to take the conversation off line. That’s why my buddy, Juan over at www.DCAutoGeek.com, and I are starting “DC Car Chat.”Our first event will be a gathering for anyone and everyone “automotive” in the D.C. area on Tuesday, August 16. Click here for details and to sign up to attend. It’s free. It’s laid-back. And it should be an all-around good time.Hope to see you there!

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